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life is too short

to waste thinking about yesterday

24 April
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Hello. My name is Jess && im 15.
I love to dance in rain ♥
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are the two people i model myself over.
I live in a small town, which never ceases to change, sometimes it feels like a time warp
1000, [heart}, a flock of seagulls, acdc, ace of base, adema, aerosmith, amelie soundtrack, america's next top model, animal rights, animals, arcade fire, art, bad company, baked lays chips, barenaked ladies, beastie boys, beat, beatles, beds, billy joel, billy talent, blankets, blood, blue oyster cult, blur, bob marley, brian adams, brian regan, carnivals, catch 22, chicago, clouds, cure, daft punk, dancing, dave mathews band, ddr, deathcab for cutie, destiny's child, diana ross, donna summer, drop dead gorgeous, eagle eye cherry, elvis, evironmentalist, face cream, fall, french, friends, george thorogood, gilmore girls, grass, greatful dead, green eyes, guns n' roses, h&m, happiness, iha, interview with a vampire, ipod, janet jackson, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, jolly ranchers, journey, juice, kansas, led zeppelin, life, live journal, lotion, love, madonna, magic, missy elliot, modest mouse, myspace, nature, nirvana, outkast, ozzy, pappa roach, peta, phish, pickles, pink floyd, plaid, poland, police, privacy, queen, queen of the damned, radiohead, rainbows, rancid, ratatat, red, red hot chilli peppers, rolling stones, roses, rusted root, sandwhiches, seinfeld, sex & the city, shopping, ska, smallville, smash mouth, spice girls, spin doctors, spring, strawberries, streetlight manifesto, stuart townsend, sum 41, summer, that 70s show, the cars, the decemberists, the faint, the guess who, the lovin' spoonful, the supremes, the wedding singer, the who, time, tom cruise, triplets of bellville, u2, vampires, van halen, veganism, vinigar, white stripes, will & grace, windows, winter, yeah yeah yeahs, zoolander.